"Doing More Together Than We Can Alone"

Portsmouth, OH 2014

What a great group of volunteers that went to Portsmouth, OH, to share the love of Jesus during the month of June!!! From Sunday morning until Wednesday evening the team was busy leading in worship at Cook Road Baptist Church, cooking hotdogs, painting faces, popping corn, shaving ice, singing, repairing bathrooms, conducting puppet shows, and generally just loving on people!!! Again this year rain was an issue. But, for the most part God was gracious in the timing of the rain events. All events were able to take place though it was sometimes messy. Many seeds were planted and 2 salvations were recorded! Thankful that God allowed us to make this trip and look forward to being back there in 2015.


Mississippi Relief

THANK YOU to each church and each individual who contributed to the tornado relief effort for Mississippi. Michael Bragg and myself were able to deliver approximately $5,000.00 worth of supplies to a hurting church. When we arrived with the supplies they were trying to find cleaning supplies and paper towels. They had not had any success. Guess what we had on the truck...yep...tons of paper towels and cleaning supplies! It seems that we arrived at just the right time with just the right items! Grateful that God allowed us this tremendous opportunity to help others.



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Block Party Trailer

We now have TWO Block Party Trailers for our churches to use! The new one started being used the end of May. The equipment on board is the same as on the original trailer. Here is a picture of the new one. Call 864-599-0843 to reserve one of the trailers for use in your church outreach ministry. The trailers are not for private parties and is for the use of the North Spartan Association member churches.


Pastor's Fellowship

Our next Pastor's Fellowship will be Tuesday, September 2, at the North Spartan Missions Office at 10:30. Please make plans to join with us for a time of prayer, encouragement, and then a meal together. Your presence will make the meeting special.


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